Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Full Movie

Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Full Movie Because Kristen Stewart has been getting a hard time over her acting skills I took it upon myself to watch as many of her movies as I could. After seeing her in 12 films I know for a fact she is a talented actor. I have also seen all of the Twilight movies thanks to my thirteen year old daughter and although these films were never meant to do more than entertain teenagers I found myself being entertained as well. This one is by far the best of the series in terms of special effects and production.

Watch “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ Online Free Full When the baby is born it’s freaky looking thanks to the CG applied to the face but I guess teaching a baby new facial gestures is a touch difficult. I really enjoyed the effects in this movie and it was nice to see something other than big wolves and shiny people. I recommend this final chapter of the twilight saga.

Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Streaming Full Movie Oh wait… that turned into garbage too.

The coolest and best part of the movie… the only part that woke me up out of my zombie-like state of mind… ruined. When Carlisle’s head came off? Oh, man. And when more vamp and wolf heads started coming off, I started freaking out and cheering like a testosterone-fueled man at a boxing match. It was AMAZING – and they ruined it. Just plain destroyed it.

Watch “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ Putlocker HD Quality Let’s see, what else made me mad… Oh yeah, Kristen’s mouth that forever hangs open, her trademark expression, that creepy looking child, her name, Pedophile Jacob, and all of the talentless, dead acting.

Oh, but the movie does have its funny parts. Like Kristen trying very noticeably hard to show her mad face.

That’s pretty much all I can remember; the movie was so bad, I forgot about 90% of what happened in it. I’m just glad I did myself the favor of saving my money and watching this crap online.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Watch Free Movie About myself: I am a teenager. I enjoyed the twilight books, the movies–not so much. I went in expecting more. People kept telling me, “oh this movie is so much better than the others.” I went in with my friends, excited and expecting a lot. I soon realized that it was not any different. Bella was still awkward and annoying, with her stutter and super loud breathing. Edward was still impeccably stoic and awkward. And Jacob still had an awkward high voice and broody looks. As you can see, this movie is in a word– awkward. Well moviegoers, prepare yourself for awkward make out sessions, confusing plot (for anyone who hasn’t read the book in a while), and too many vampires to keep track of. Call me cynical. Call me no fun. But I am just not a fan of characters I can’t relate to. I had no time to attach to any of the characters. Half of them, I could not even keep track of names.

Watch Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online Full Free Movie Overall, the movie is scattered, poorly acted, confusing, and gave into a lot of gimmicks. There is one particular twist that was a bit much. As you can see, I gave the film four stars. I admit, I was generous. But the film’s redeeming factor was the nostalgia. It is the end of a teen era. I read the books as a middle schooler. The end credits actually made me a little misty-eyed. That particular segment was particularly well-done. There were moments that made me laugh; others were suspenseful. The battle scene was particularly well done. I almost enjoyed the film. Almost. The actors and the rushed plot did nothing for me. Overall, don’t listen to the hype. It is really not all that different from the others. See it if you’re feeling nostalgic, but if you’re looking for quality film, don’t see it.

Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 2012 Full Movie Free Streaming I just want to point out to readers trying to decide whether to see this movie or not that there is a serious gender gap with regard to the votes for this film. As of this writing, the film’s overall average rating on IMDb is a 5.8 but 18,200 males gave it an average of 4.7 and 14,700 women gave it an average score of 7.0. So men are dragging down the numbers here, lol. I think one reason for this might be that the male viewing audience is still getting adjusted to films where men are eroticized for women’s visual pleasure. Of course, women have had to watch hot young women eroticized in films for decades so we’re used to it, but I suspect it still makes a lot of men nervous in our homophobic society.

Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Free Full Movie I enjoyed this film, not because of the acting (hey, after 5 films, we know Kristen Stewart can’t act!) but because it is very sensual. I enjoyed all the uber close ups that took us into her vampire reality in a very visceral way. And that cabin in the woods! What a dream! That’s paradise wish fulfillment on film if ever I saw it.

Watch “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ Streaming Online Free Full in HD Quality Was this film great art? Heck, no. But for this red-blooded heterosexual female it was great ENTERTAINMENT. Thanks, Hollywood, and keep up the good work of making films that pander to people’s capacity for fantasy stories rooted in LOVE, with an adventurous female protagonist who rejects gender stereotypes, eroticized supporting male characters who are also gender conscious, sensuality, passion, eternal romance and epic battles fought for love. How refreshing to go through an entire film without having to cringe at some neanderthal unconscious objectification of our strong heroine! Goodness knows, we are STARVING for THAT type of movie! I’m not surprised these film’s are making BANK at the box office, lol. :)